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What we do

The philosophy of The Grange is very simple. We believe that by welcoming people into a family home and learning from each other we can build each others resilience - and also learn and share ideas about building the wider resilience of our society at a time of great change in the world. 

We do this by working with partners to offer a range of opportunities to people from all walks of life - but particularly those who have fled persecution. We also host and run various courses and retreats that explore issues of resilience.

All of our work and our smallholding is designed using the principles and ethics of permaculture which gives us the tools to learn from natural systems and apply that learning to our human systems. To find out more about permaculture and how we apply it at The Grange click here

"These days were my best time. I was free from my tension! I still feel relaxed when I think about my time at The Grange."