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A Day in the Life

No two days are the same at The Grange. It all depends on the time of year, who is staying, what the weather is like and sometimes just how we are all feeling…however, the day described here gives some idea of a typical day:

Not long after dawn the ponies are lumbering over to the farm gate to receive their morning feed and a top up to their water trough. Shortly afterwards squeaks and squawks from the garden indicate that the guinea pigs and the chickens are being fed and watered and eggs will soon be brought into the house – often to be cooked straight away for breakfast.

In the kitchen people from several countries are gradually gathering to cook breakfasts – some familiar, some exotic, and to share thoughts and plans for the day ahead. They talk of the peace they find at The Grange and the welcome break from their busy, noisy, precarious lives in the city.

In the morning the group gathers in the large living room or around a fire outside to share their experiences and concerns and to support each other. Throughout the day all sorts of activities might be happening. There is gardening to be done and often a harvest to be gathered for the lunch and evening meals. Some people will cook, some will wash up, some will tidy the house. Outside there may be a group of people doing a small building project like making bird boxes, or building a bridge over a ditch or doing some maintenance on the outbuildings. Some days there may be a trip to the North Norfolk coast, Thetford Forest or elsewhere.

In the evening the kitchen is full of the sounds of cooking and music and the smells of dishes and spices from all over the world. After dinner some people are playing music in the small living room, maybe playing table-tennis or pool in the games room or sitting by the river on a warm evening.

There is no curfew but after a busy day people are often in bed by 10pm and the house is quiet again.

"Be faithful to that which exists within yourself."
Andre Gide