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What is resilience?

We think of the resilience as the ability to recover from, or find ways to cope with, difficulties and challenges. At The Grange we are passionate about offering individuals the chance to build their own resilience whilst also exploring what resilience for society as a whole might look like in a rapidly changing world.

Who is it for?

Anyone can feel the need to build their resilience at different times in their lives. Visitors to The Grange come from all walks of life but in particular we are focused on offering a safe home and opportunities for people who have been forced to leave their home and country behind. Whilst many are in need of sanctuary and safety, we find that people who have survived such extreme situations often have a lot to teach us about resilience.

We are grateful that some of the people who have stayed at The Grange over the last few years have offered to tell some of their story and to record a few words about what the experience of coming to The Grange means for them. Click here for some testimonials.

How to build resilience?

We work with a growing number of partner organisations to offer courses, retreats, holidays and other opportunities which typically last from a few days to a week or more. In the last three years groups have taken part in therapeutic retreats involving psychotherapists, gardening and music; skills retreats ranging from brickwork to land management; holidays involving trips to the coast and relaxing days in the garden; conservation weeks with participants gaining the John Muir Award and many more.

We also host and run a range of courses exploring wider issues of resilience for our society at a time of great change. In this we are guided in large part by the principles and ethics of permaculture. Ben is part of the Soil and Soul permaculture teaching collective and we run courses both here at The Grange and elsewhere. At the heart of permaculture are the three ethics of People Care, Earth Care and Fair Shares and we try to find ways to implement all of these in the way we run the project, the way we manage the buildings and land, the way we are funded and in the way we work with our partners and the local community.

To find out more about courses, retreats and other events happening at The Grange click here.

"Be faithful to that which exists within yourself."
Andre Gide