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The Elders

In 2013 we asked several people to form a group of Elders for The Grange.

We believe that some of the traditions and beliefs of ancient cultures and current indigenous communities have a lot to teach us about ways to live in harmony with each other and with the Earth. One feature of many cultures of the past - and today - is the vital importance of the wisdom of Elders to support, nurture and guide their communities. Inspired by this we have asked a number of people whose wisdom we respect to be Elders of our community and we are hugely grateful that they have agreed. They now play a vital role in guiding our path, and in supporting us through what can be very difficult work.

The Elders meet at The Grange for 2 weekends a year (in May and November) and offer regular guidance throughout the year. We thank them all for their ongoing support.

Who are The Elders?

Rachel Bodle: A retired organization development professional, permaculturist and former neighbour now living in Somerset

Elly Brown: an experienced teacher and trainer who has brought groups of young asylum seekers to The Grange as part of her work with CARAS (Community Action for Refugee and Asylum Seekers)

Chris Erskine: A thinker and activist from Peterborough who helps to run the Seedbed Trust

Mark Fish: A psychotherapist specializing in working with survivors of torture who founded Room to Heal

Katy Fullilove: A grower and community activist who currently runs the community orchard in Swaffham working with people with mental health problems

Mike Love: A community leader from Leeds and founder of Together for Peace

Gervais Kouloungou Mambs: A community leader who currently helps to run the British Red Cross asylum project in Norwich. Gervais is originally from Congo-Brazzaville and came to the UK as an asylum seeker in 2003

Mary Raphaely: A psychotherapist specializing in working with survivors of torture. Mary is interested in non-verbal approaches and has found both art, and working with nature, greatly enhance the healing process

Caroline Roemelle: A psychotherapist who has worked with survivors of torture for many years. Caroline has a keen interest in working with nature and the creative arts

"Be faithful to that which exists within yourself."
Andre Gide