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Fun with Fermentation Weekend

DATE: Saturday 4th - Sunday 5th November 2017. Residential. 

TIME: Start 10am on Saturday, finish 4pm on Sunday. 

PRICE: Sliding scale from £75- £150 depending on income (self-assessed). 

Delve into the fascinating world of fermenting in this two day practical workshop with Ian Fitzpatrick, a passionate food preserver.


 You will start the weekend by beginning the process of making tempeh, an Indonesian tradition of soy bean fermentation. We will explore how tempeh can be made with various types of beans and not just soya. Whilst we're on the beans, we will also have a go at making tofu and learn about the difference between tofu and tempeh. We will then move on to lactic acid fermentations, which include such things as sauerkraut and kimchi. The second day will allow time to look at brine fermentation, and the tempeh will also be readyto come back to. On top of this you will have the opportunity to experiment with making gluten free sourdough ferments, as well as kombucha and kefir.  

 These two days are for those completely new to fermentation, as well as for those already with some knowledge of the process and some experiences to share (please bring along anything you have been experimenting with or using and loving!). The workshop will be very relaxed and will take place in the lovely homely environment of the Grange kitchen, where we will also sit down for shared meals. 




We will provide:

- All the food for fermenting (but feel free to bring something extra if you have it)

- Accommodation in our main house. 

 Food arrangements 

Lunch on both days will be bring and share, with half the group providing for Saturday, and half for Sunday (fridge storage is available so if you can bring something that could last till Sunday that would be helpful). Ingredients for dinner on Saturday evening and breakfast on Sunday morning will be provided, to be prepared together. Teas, coffee and cakes/biscuits will be provided. 

Please bring: 

- Big jars (400g - 800g) between 5 and 10

- Chopping board and knife if you can

- Some of your own garden veg produce if you have some

- An apron (optional).


 Please ask if you have any questions on the fees. One full bursary is also available.







"The Grange has helped me to overcome some of my fears. After my visit I know the sky is not my limit."