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The family at The Grange is made up of whoever happens to be staying at any time. Most visitors stay for up to a week and you might regularly find up to 15 people living together in the house cooking, eating and living communally. Click here to get an idea of a typical day in the life of The Grange. Since we first opened our doors in June 2012, more than 1000 visitors have stayed on retreats, courses and holidays and hundreds more have visited for the day for events and just to say hello. Every visitor contributes a huge amount through their ideas, cooking, music, laughter, gardening and in many other ways and becomes an important part of the ever-changing family at The Grange.

From 2017, the live-in coordinators at The Grange will be Coralie Hopwood and Chris McGaw. They are taking over from Ben Margolis and Sophie North who founded the project in 2012 but felt it was time to hand on the opportunities and responsibility after 5 wonderful years.

Coralie was the general manager of a care farm in Yorkshire for four years and has also coordinated a community growing project in Sheffield. She has experience as a community mental health worker and catering and has taught English to asylum seekers.

Chris has been a warden and education coordinator at rural residential centres working with young people including special needs groups. He has led practical volunteer groups for the National Trust and TCV and was previously a wildlife garden ecologist at the Natural History Museum.

To contact Chris and Coralie e-mail them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.