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Joinery - A Poem

At our recent Open Day and AGM we invited a friend of The Grange to be poet in residence for the day. He has produced the following poem which captures the images he took away from the day.

Thank you Richard.


when our doors are open

there is no 'them

in bustle and chatter

clunk of loom

rasp of saw

and whack of hammer

in bubble of food pot

play of craft

and strum of tune

there's only 'us'

when the doors are open

fingers remember

in the cup of clay on rolling wheels

and between us and ourselves

there is water

there are green shoots

celandines and gosling scrotch

in scruffs of lush grass

each fractal part of this picture

an aspect of home

when these doors are open

the act of choice

can be re-learnt

no less nor more than hands offered

without a single question

you'd fear to answer

here amongst the sheep and the speedwell

and all those prominent moths

the craft connects

the joinery continues

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