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Watering a Life-Sustaining Tree

Though I have not planted a single tree at the Grange (yet), when I think of the Grange and my relationship to it, in many ways I see it as a relationship between a tree and a human. It is something that needs nurturing, something that welcomes sunshine and rain, laughter and tears. And in return it continues to grow  and spread its branches so that more and more people can come and seek shelter and respite in its arms. 

During my last year of university at the UEA, the 'workday Wednesdays' that happen at the Grange were a such a breath of fresh air (literally as well) from the endless hours of library studying. Almost every Wednesday when I wasn't doing something else, I would escape with a group from New Routes and spend the day making a spiral garden bed, taking weeds out of the pond, collecting apples, planting kale...whatever the season there was always something to do that had you finishing the day with rosy cheeks and a smile on your face. 

This September (2017) I started an internship with the Grange that will last for 3 months. During this time I will try and help grow what they can offer to those looking for workshops and new learning experiences, and hopefully help open up the Grange as a place where more people can reconnect with the world around them through engaging in activities such as crafts, gardening, cooking...

Though this is a paid internship (partly funded by the UEA), I still see it as being a time also of giving something back, of feeding the tree in order to thank it for the support and rest it offered me during my last year of studies. 

Thank you to all who help make this place so special,



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